Considering multigenerational housing?

Considering multigenerational housing? You're joining a growing trend. 

Recently, 14% of homebuyers were looking for homes that could house multiple generations. This choice isn't just a matter of preference and desire for family togetherness; it's driven by practical needs and shifting family dynamics. 

Here’s a peek into why both first-time and repeat buyers are choosing these homes:

1) Financial advantages for first-time buyers.
A significant 28% of first-time buyers opt for multigenerational homes to afford larger properties, pooling multiple incomes to make this viable.

2) Space for extended family & adult children.
About 23% of first-time buyers need space for adult relatives or children over 18 who haven't moved out. Additionally, 12% are accommodating 'boomerang' children who return home after living independently.

3) Caring for aging parents.
Among repeat buyers, 30% are looking for homes that facilitate caring for elderly parents. This reflects what I believe is a growing sense of obligation toward elder care in family settings.

These figures highlight a significant shift towards homes that support extended family living under one roof. If you're considering this type of home for your unique family needs, I'm here to guide you through the options and find the perfect fit. 

Let’s connect and start exploring your options in today’s real estate landscape!

Source: All in the Family: Multi-Generational Home Buying

Experts: Multigenerational Housing Needs More Support November 15, 2023


What happens if you overprice your home?
I’m just a realtor over here trying to help you make the most money when you sell .

Do you know what happens if you overprice your home? Nothing.

No calls.

No showings.

No bidding wars.

No offers.


So how do we avoid this?

By pricing it correctly + positioning it well from the start.

This is the number one thing you have to get right when listing your home.

Your agent needs to show you solid comps that support your list price + a specific, strategic marketing plan that’s going to get you the best results.

While we’re still in a more balanced market in Burlington + Waterdown ON, we are at point where some homes are selling like hot cakes in multiple offers and some are sitting…these are the overpriced, poorly marketed ones.

Your pricing strategy + your agent’s ability to market directly impacts if you get an offer and how good of an offer you’ll get.

So, what should be included in the marketing strategy?

1. Pre-market: This lays the groundwork for marketing that will generate interest in your property. This includes working with an agent who will advise you what to do to get your home ready to list + who uses a professional photographer + videographer. Preparing well ensures your house looks amazing both online and in person.

2. Opening weekend: This is go time for getting the word out through social media, print marketing, notifying neighbour’s, etc. -all geared towards driving traffic to your home via showings + an a potential open house strategy that creates urgency.

You want buyers seeing other buyers looking at your house so it creates FOMO and they go all in on writing a bomb offer to secure the home before someone else gets it.

3. Continued marketing: If your home doesn’t sell the first weekend, don’t panic it is the reality of the market we are in. Work with an agent who will continue to market the heck out of your property until it’s SOLD, not just pop a sign in the yard and pray buyers show up!

Hope this helps!

Inflation rose to 3.4%
According to Statistics Canada, the annual inflation rate experienced an increase to 3.4 percent in December.

This morning, the federal agency unveiled its consumer price index report, revealing a slight uptick from the 3.1 percent recorded in November. Economists had anticipated this rise, attributing it to a more pronounced decline in gasoline prices in December 2022 compared to the previous month.

Notably, grocery prices saw a 4.7 percent increase from a year ago, aligning with the pace of growth observed in November. As December concludes the fiscal year, Statistics Canada notes that the annual average inflation rate for 2023 settled at 3.9 percent, down from the 40-year high of 6.8 percent recorded in 2022.

Further analysis by the federal agency indicates that price growth in 2023 decelerated in six out of eight components of the consumer price index compared to the preceding year.

The Bank of Canada is closely monitoring these inflationary trends in preparation for its upcoming rate announcement on January 24th.

What sellers say actually helped sell their home!

Revealing today what sellers say *actually* helped them sell their homes for top dollar.

1) A slight under-market list price. 

It feels counterintuitive, but sellers willing to list their homes just under market value tell me they’ve been handsomely rewarded. Competitively priced homes typically ignite bidding wars, resulting in a selling price far exceeding the initial listing.

2) Next-level cleanliness.

My crazy successful sellers typically choose to invest in professional cleaning services. Imagine walking into a home where the scents are fresh, surfaces gleam, and carpets feel like they've never been stepped on. A few hundred bucks can transform your home into a canvas where buyers can paint their future lives.

3) Multiple rounds of decluttering. 

We're not talking about tidying up; we're talking about a ruthless purge. If you've lived in your home for years, what seems normal to you might look like clutter to potential buyers. Sometimes, it takes a few rounds to strip back to the essentials, ensuring your home is show-ready and inviting.

Need a hand or more insights? I'm just a message away. Let's sell your home for maximum profit!


 Get Your Home Ready for a Fresh Start in 2024!

Your home has been there for you throughout the year, and now it's time to show it some love before the new year begins. Here's a step-by-step guide tailored for both buyers and sellers in Burlington, Ontario, ensuring your space is not only organized but also appealing to potential buyers.

  1. Pre-Holiday Toy Cleanout: Before the festive season and the influx of gifts, go through your children's old toys that no longer see playtime. Consider donating them to a local thrift store or charity. This not only declutters your home but also gives back to the community.

  2. Daily Declutter Challenge: Take on the task of decluttering one drawer, closet, or cabinet every day. Set a timer for 15 minutes and witness the transformation. Dispose of or donate items like old magazines, manuals, electronics, unused clothes, and expired medications. This incremental approach makes the process manageable for both buyers and sellers on the move.

  3. Kitchen Clean-Up: Streamline your kitchen by eliminating dishes and utensils you rarely use. Follow the rule of doubling the number of sets based on your household size. Additionally, do a thorough check of your fridge and pantry, bidding farewell to forgotten items. This step not only improves functionality but also enhances the appeal of your home for potential buyers.

  4. Home Decor Downsizing: Dust off and declutter unused home decor items. If they've been sitting around collecting dust, consider passing them on or selling them online. This not only refreshes your living space but also creates a more attractive environment for potential buyers.

  5. Storage Area Organization: Address all storage areas, from the basement to the attic. Employ labels and bins to keep items organized and easily accessible. This step is crucial for sellers looking to present a well-organized home to potential buyers.

If you find the decluttering process overwhelming, I collaborate with excellent home organizers who can provide the support you need. Feel free to reach out with your home organization needs. Moreover, if you have any real estate questions or need advice, I'm here to assist you in navigating the Burlington housing market. Let's start 2024 with a fresh and organized home!

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